Observations, wearing me down!

I won’t brag…!

I was planning to build a wireless controlled dynamic mechanical stuff, maybe a model car.

While I proposed this to my classmates. I got really diverse response.

Few of them did took interest, but something with me or them went wrong.

When I told I wanted to build the chassis of the car… they didn’t know what a chassis really is.

I proposed, maybe I can use the Arduino Bluetooth, that reduces a very good amount of work, and as the platform is open source, it is always patent free.

When I told them, to program to build the behavior a intelligent order driven machine. But they ridiculed my proposal. Why?

I won’t really blame them, they are definitely no familiar with technology as I am. They should try to start to learn!

But it drove me mad, when I saw my ideas getting ridiculed. My classmates are not built for Geekdom. I hope they catch up soon!

And for now, I think I have to walk alone in this exciting world…

After all, the world is my home!

My next project, maybe a oscilloscope, using the Arduino Platform or build the car myself.


One comment on “Observations, wearing me down!

  1. jan says:

    oscilloscope … neat … think this one is buldon the arduino if you need inspiration.
    if i was your classmate you didn’t need to talk a lot 🙂


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