Caught, Collatz and cell jammers

I got caught by a girl in my college read the post, in which I wrote about my ideas. I don’t know if she was offended after reading that. And my famous delicate sensibilities didn’t allow me to justify myself. I was definitely not wrong, but she might get me wrong. I hope she reads my blog again.

But after all, I am a bit happy after learning that some one read my blog.

And now I am again in front of my loving PC, trying to have some fun.

My study about Collatz conjecture, led my to a nice number that is 27, which goes to maximum 9232 before coming back to the legendary 1.

Collatz conjecture simple, just pick any number, if even, divide by two, and if odd, multiply with 3 and add 1. Then repeat the process again with the same procedure, with the number you got.

Here is the python code…

And with 27, I plotted the “collatz” file with GNUPLOT with the value of number vs. the number of iteration. I got something like this:


And my Geeky Bro informed me something about a cell phone jammer, a simple timer circuit using 555. Will work within 10 feet maybe, LOL:


And my recent study about chaos is really making me have FUN! The subject is awesome!

Anyone should get a book to get started and they should get a taste on the subject. Recommended “Chaos” By Lenny Smith From Oxford University Press’s Very Short Introduction series. I started reading this book.


3 comments on “Caught, Collatz and cell jammers

  1. Wes says:

    I’m studying about Collatz conjectures right now and thought your graph was really cool (above). I saw your post and was interested in the 27 reaching such a high number. A guy in my group ran the numbers 1 – 100 through a program we made and plotted the graph of each using Excel. Check it out if you’re interested!

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