The Rescue

I was waiting for a long time to post this. But I could not as my internet connection was down. But now, that I have regained the connection, I think I should write up this story right away.

Well, they were not conservation workers who did the job, there. They did rescue a DOG, from almost certain death. I am no good story teller, but I will try my best, so that you won’t fall asleep.

I didn’t even notice what was going on, but I saw one among team was looking the down a hole, near a temple named Ghagarburi. The rocks near the temple is has some strange holes, made by some industrial effluent flowing there. And there was some scream, it was the dog, and it fell in a watered hole. It was the scream that I noticed (and once again it was proved, that scream is an evolutionary aid).

Well, here is the team:

The Team

Now, just as we noticed that the dog was in trouble, the first thing that was on our mind that how to save it.

We saw a piece of clothe. We thought it would have traction with her feet, if we lay it at the mouth of the hole, as she was slipping. But that didn’t work as the cloth was slipping itself. “Godammit!”, we thought.

Then someone brought a large branch of a tree, to help the dog. But she couldn’t understand that we meant it for a ladder. And she screamed even louder.

The operation:

The Operation

Ultimately she did get out, with the help that piece of clothes, as one us stopped the clothe from slipping.

I didn’t really did anything in the operation but I felt very light that day, when she looked back while running to her kids. I don’t know if it was gratitude, or some mystified look.

The Dog

Run Baby, Run! Your kids are waiting for you…


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