Since the release of “The most original in recent days”, the World Of Goo, I didn’t find a original game play.

Two days earlier I got a chance to play Valve’s Portal. A very very very original game. Though it was released it was few days early, I enjoyed playing it.

Well, a review is worthless after all these days.

The game is short if you can understand the game. I took 6:30 hours at my first game play. The credits also were pretty beautiful, with the weird song!

The thing I like most in the Half-Life like games is the inhuman environments, and virtually absolute silence and solitude of the game character. Portal is a Half Life type game, it has some connection to Black Mesa in the story, which is a Rival Lab of Aperture Sciences (The Lab where the Game starts). Level design is very powerful, attractive, and you will feel brave when you play the game. And the story has a non-ending end.

You will have to use your innovative ideas to get the things done. And the enigmatic AI guide voice, will sometimes be your misery and source of motivation. I don’t think there is a need of a screenshot. Google it, and you will find a lot. And don’t forget to play it!

It is a treat!


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