I was playing Counter Strike 1.6 a few minutes earlier. It was fun! The thrill of the game is what really matters to me. I was trying out sniper rifles, The Magnum, Kreig Commando, and the Scout. And I found while sniping that all had their distinct characteristics.

Like the Magnum is a heavy “One Shot Kill” Gun. The Commando is a good, light, low recoil, and rapid loading sniper with low damage. And not much accurate,  I had to shot many fires on each opponents, and rarely got a head-shot. And Scout is something in between these two.

I also tried out long range firing of the Carbine. It is good, but I couldn’t perform well with that.

I am not new to FPS gaming, but I am new to this game. No wonder it is one of the world’s mos played multiplayer game. It is just pure fun!

Those who haven’t played it yet, I recommend to play.


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