Brain on Overdrive!

In my 19 years of life, I think the most important lesson for self improvement, is that to never keep the brain idle.

But the worst thing is that I never try my best to make it work. I try to learn stuff, do stuff, but I can never give it my best. That maybe a fundamental flaw in my character.

And this time, I will be trying to override my brain, overclock my brain, eventually putting my brain into overdrive. And I believe this won’t overheat my powerhouse of intellect. My brain is one of the most important things that I need at top notch performance at all the times.

I will need incredible self discipline, self composure, diligence, persistence, tenacity and flexibility of mind and body to attain pure overdrive, none of which I currently have.

I will also need to do  stuff, that I think I am already doing. Gobbling Up & Digest Academic and technical stuff faster than ever. Rebooting programming skills with Python and C++. Reinstalling Photography. Practicing Counter Strike & Warcraft 3 until I become a regular player.

My family doubts that I am having a slight hearing loss. I am a bit ‘not well’ about that. At 19 years of age, I don’t wanna stop listening to music and the birds. My color vision deficiency sometimes peeks into the horizon of mind.

My Latest Crush is inducing viscosity around me. How many more to I have to put up with?

It’s time I must break free!

P.S. – How many times I have to convince myself?

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