Decades and dissapointments

Recently, I noticed that some people just don’t take me as I am. Few think I am a show off, few jealous of me because I am a bit radical. This is maybe because I projected myself a bit differently, or maybe it is an effect of a faulty educational system. Or it maybe both.

One very good friend of mine in college confirmed my doubts, that few students got me wrong. I am really really disappointed about this.

All I wanted is to share the little joys of the academics, and they thought I am a f**king “Show Off!”. I feel abused!

They hate if you’re clever and despise a fool / ‘Til you’re so **** crazy you can’t follow their rules – Working Class Hero, GreenDay

Whatever, I can’t let myself go. Can I? So I built my 1st “Hello World!” in Digital Systems. A NE555 astable clock, with a HCF4017BE Decade Counter I built a LED Shifter, 10LEDs. This circuit is my first out-of-brain circuit, but a easy one.

The far Green LED is the clock, and the faraway yellow is a Carry Output. And the 10 in between is actually the output of the counter.

I am no good video worker and I cannot shoot great videos. This one is crappy, but it can show you what I built. (And the background music is Ebb & Flow by Jason C. Cluts).

And one more fun thing I read from this months Scientific American issue,

Suddenly, as Schmidt cranked up the current flowing through the diode, a narrow beam of blue-violet light shot out of it. “Wow!” he thought. “I can finally graduate!”

Some people are so devoted to their work, and others don’t even know what they are really doing!


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