Animation and Perfection

One very good friend of mine is is learning how animate stuff. That is his trade in academia. His devotion to his subject, makes me jealous. He devotes himself to his subject, like he is the subject. When he draws, it seems that the pencil somehow exactly reproducing what he wants from it. Some perfection I rarely see. He uses his pencil like a second arm.

Some friend of mine just jerk off the word perfection, they just keep saying something like nothing is perfect, so bothering about perfection has no meaning at all. I think perfection is; what we can do, compared to what we want ourselves to do or what other people can do, or what is possible for us to do. And this friend of mine just proved me correct. He is obsessed with perfection. I am not saying he is one of the rarest people who can draw like GOD, but he is one of them who likes to become perfect.

I liked to flaunt my obsession about perfection in my trade, where I play (Unlike HIM). It was a bug in my character. Flaunting perfection might lead to conflicts of many kind. And that will fade obsession. When obsession is faded, then there is no perfection, no uniqueness; And then how can one define himself, to him, to his conscience, to the Universe.

Perfection and obsession are so intermingled!

Another tribute to perfection, Richard Williams’ animation. Enjoy!


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