Sarcasm @ 1am

For a few years I was building a subtle dream, looking after the tiny details,   giving some textures, colours, fragrances etc. I am no artist, but I felt like one while I was working on that dream.

No one can deny that a dream is bad. This dream of mine was mashed up with hope. It was a part of a net work of dreams, so intermingled that every detail was related to some other dream. I was convinced myself that working on this single dream would elevate the whole, with my soul tucked inside that net.

I never thought the net can break this easily.

Few hours ago, a piece of information came to me, which destroyed my years of work, failed my time working on that dream. It is not that it shattered because I didn’t make it strong, but the dream is found on the compliment of that particular information. It was somewhat like an anit-matter annihilation.

I pondered on the fact the I am an incompetent impaired specimen for Natural Selection

I don’t like regretting! Groping for the shards of that dream in the pitch black of night, it drove me to some mental NULL point, made me numb, unable of thoughts. I pondered on the fact the I am an incompetent impaired specimen for Natural Selection. I kept on copying the worse than ever Engineering Workshop Notebook, with insects getting all over my body, as there was the only light in the neighborhood. I was so numb I didn’t notice them at all. When I did notice, I just jerked the little guys off.

I am not sure if it is right, but I am trying to start a new dream to work on.

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