If I went…

This post is crap, full of SIN! You may ignore…

If I went to some undergraduate school for sciences, I don’t think I would have to put up with such “Bitchings”. My friends always said that I don’t project myself anytime, so that I don’t get much fun. And in college when I tried to project myself, I got “Bitched”. All I wanted to share stuff I did, to help people have fun, and everybody just “Got Me Wrong” and “Bitched” me all the way. What the f**k is this!?

Some people don’t even try to do stuff, but can’t help bitching. My life is somewhat full of such people. Some people say that I am inclined to western philospophy. Maybe this is the reason why I am inclined. People at least should try to do stuff, then “Bitch” and Taunt, someone like Brian O’Connor in “Fast And Furious”.

To add more irony, I came to know that even my teachers think that I did download that LED Train circuit, which I didn’t. I liked that in a way, because in that way I can really make sure that my story is actually hard to believe, making me a kinda”Prime Cut” of Society, which I like to be. 🙂

And still I cannot just leave my street, that is no longer my style. My teacher said  “In your life there will be storms, earthquakes, nightmares, but nothing should jerk you off your street.” I never really took a good thought of that, now I do. My street is mine, anyone can come over for a walk, but no one can bitch me out of that. I won’t “Face the odds” anymore, I would “F**k the odds”.

And ultimately I forgive all these people, feeling sorry about them. It’s not really their fault.

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