Silent Appreciation of Beauty

Some people like me think that giving too much attention to girls is not good, unlikely for a Geek. If a Geek is involved in observing a woman, how can he get on getting time for one of his megaprojects. This seems to be a very plausible explanation why Geeks shouldn’t fall in Love with manly beauty.

But what if a Geek doesn’t have a Megaproject in mind, like me?

Yeah! Then the woman becomes the megaMegaMEGAproject! Actually I ‘fell in love’ (Hypothetically), crushed (According to semi urban/urban lexicon) on a woman, who according to the ‘previous’ me is the most unique and woman I ever met. She has a subtle beauty.

I have been unknowingly becoming a kinda Study Man, who likes to study a lot! But with that, I was having a growing sense of a void. When I saw that little woman in ‘Saree’ yesterday, the void suddenly filled with strange  happiness, or it was numbness, I don’t know.

Yesterday was a fresher welcome party. She was there, directly involved in the event, wandering here and there on the stage, with some gifts and other stuff. Some white Saree she was wearing, which made her … (I don’t think my words are good enough to describe how she was yesterday). She also sang a song, in which she is really good at. It was a chorus unfortunately, and I strained my ears to almost it’s limits, to isolate her voice from the whole. But they were so perfectly synchronized I couldn’t really isolate them. I loved that she sang, I saw her singing in mild colourful light on stage. I missed a solo song she sang on our ‘Teacher’s Day’ last year. I regret that!

Later when the program was over, I wanted to meet her to make an appreciation of her beauty. But I didn’t… I silently appreciated her beauty.


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