I thought undergraduate days would be the best time of my life! Meeting new talented people, having a lot of FUN, doing stuff, building stuff, designing stuff! It was my dream, it died hard!

I tried to make people understand what it is meant to be a undergraduate, having all the FUN! But I was wrong, I didn’t realise everyone have their own way to have fun. I don’t blame them a bit, I was wrong I did!

Even now when I think I would go Solo, and make some progress, to enrich myself as a man, as an engineer, as a street side philosopher, I face some strange difficulties, which apparently is insurmountable. My engineering school just put me into this test.

I love a Girl (I Love her like Hell), who apparently doesn’t like me (And I fiercely hope that she likes me)! It is just not fair, is it? I fell in Love with about 3 Girls, who rocked my life! (Other crushes were insignificant). Am I a incompetent specimen for natural selection? I might be appearing sarcastic, maybe I am becoming such a person. I smile a lot nowadays, just force wash every such weeds out of my mind, they do retard me!

Clearly, all these are making me stronger (“Anything that won’t kill you will makes you stronger”). Prison always changes a man…


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