Thoughts without conclusion and etc.

After a long time I am writing. Recently I have been experiencing some remarkable thoughts and events. I didn’t notice the events or thoughts starting it’s play or ending. I just had them, at the edges of consciousness.

  1. Being myself! It became so apparent that I am me, and I cannot be someone else, I can never look into the universe with someone else’s eyes. I have to be me for the rest of my finite life. As child I often wondered how someone else was seeing something. Maybe it was just a more mature version.
  2. I kept seeing programs, solving simple programming tasks. Sometimes the programming was getting related to Life, classes and objects related to reality! Something like Songs in Code.
  3. I saw the dresses changing, changing without meaning. Colours of houses changing.
  4. Duet of thoughts: I am in Love, I should not be in Love!
  5. Saw a book full of poems or programs.
  6. Wouldn’t it be great if she felt Love for me!?
  7. How can all the Girl I felt Love for  didn’t feel anything special about me? Do I have to clear an ELT (Eligibility for Love Test)?
  8. I saw a desert made of snow, with distant mountains, I thought I saw Kamet there.
  9. I was playing a Guitar and a Piano.
  10. I fell in LOVE! I was drowning until I went to sleep.
  11. I noticed tears on my cheek.
  12. I was handling a DSLR, taking photos randomly.
  13. Entropy was going backwards, with a Guitar String.
  14. I was like Clint Eastwood in The Good The Bad and The Ugly.
  15. I was designing a fully fledged PC motherboard in some EDA software, which could read my thoughts route through multiple layers.

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