An update…

It is hard to get update the blog these days. I have been busy with my stuff for a few days. A very good friend of mine once told me that a busy man finds time for everything. So I am trying to get regular again.

These days I am getting less productive. I am feel baked all the time. Maybe it is because I am getting less sleep or maybe it is because I am somewhat frustrated, due to the system I am in.

Updated something strange as this in facebook “I started trying to be a Geek among n00bs years ago. Now I walk alone… But I cannot go back, can I?”

One good thing though, one of my friends read my blog. I liked that, someone actually read my blog. Cool it was!

Winter is going away from Northern Hemisphere, and Hell will start to melt everything all over again.

Recently I am trying to get a control over my dreams, it sounds FUN, but haven’t managed it yet.

More to come soon, as I will be trying to get regular again….

And this is the most FUN thing I built in recent days.


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