Purpose of The Wall

I think I finally started to realize the reason the existence of the Pink Floyd album “The Wall”.

At the darkest nights, when I hope that the next day will be better enough, to be productive, to learn something new, to do something cool, I don’t like to think that all hope is futile at that time.

Let’s begin with examples.

  1. One of teachers treats us like schoolchildren. Maybe she is just frustrated…!
  2. She also wants us to draw every bits of schematic in a 74 series digital IC, every unused and useless things in our laboratory notebook. Still I am thankful to her, that she allows us to get creative, letting us write our own stuff in the laboratory notebooks. Irony is some people think that to be more difficult than just copying it from others.
  3. We are not allowed to spend our off time outside our college campus.
  4. No interesting stuff, only boring recap and recap. Even in communication subjects, it is not interesting enough in the classroom. It is better at the library, with the books. That is the saddest thing of the century. đŸ˜€
  5. I spent most of my time writing stuff like laboratory notebooks. How can I perfect my engineering like this?

No wonder he wanted to build the wall around him, to isolate him from the rest.


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