… added bits of splinters

A teacher said that he would register our attendance in a class if we didn’t perform the sum he gave us. Now we are atleast 19 years of age, and we are adults. Is it a way of treating some men and women? People sometimes do use foolish methods to make other foolish people do some stuff. In the end I didn’t do that, and he had me registered, as a friend told that I didn’t have my calculator with me. This is a definitely not a way to make engineers…!

Everyday I sit in my desk and try to enjoy the antenna class to my fullest. But I don’t know how a fantastic subject of antennas and electromagnetism can be made this bland. Today we were taught about about Maxwell’s equations, and it was nothing like the first time. All we did; Noted down all four equations. No so good for health.

I have better choices of PIC microcontrollers in my region, but I cannot make any PIC programmers. I must do something this time. A PICKit is expensive enough. And the last I one I made didn’t work, it was a JDM programmer. And I am stuck with AVR parallel interface for programming the AVRs. These devices are very cool, but my PCB making technique is not very efficient, so sometimes big problems arises, like the last board I built, The Simon Game. The firmware is working pretty well, but the switches sometimes not working well.

Some frustrated teachers making some futile attempt to teach some frustrated engineering students, ultimately making chaos. Deadly chaos which disrupts life to the maximum.

And now any attempts to cry reminds me of my past, when I spent time exploring, and made my life wind up here. I won’t regret it, I will only say it. 😀


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