Myth, Music and Emotions in Recent Days

Our College Festival was pretty Cool. There was Dances, Live Band performances along with Quizzing, Debates, Exhibitions of Painting, Photography, Posters and Technical Creations exploiting quirks of science. It was FUN altogether. I participated in Quiz, Photography and Technical Exhibition. We won the first prize in all three. This maybe a reason enough to start something new again, something more exciting.

But, suddenly my pace is slower than before. One of my friend got her name out of the group without any plausible explanation and without notice. The only cause they were able to show was that there only 5 allowed, no 6. Turned me off totally! How dare they do that, without any prior notice! Now I cannot curse them in my Blog. 😀

There is a myth that the band Fossils is a actually a Great band who performs great on stage. And to College People, they are demigods in our musical habits. They performed pretty well! When they came up on stage it the Music, fused with Lights and Myth surrounding the band, they performed pretty well. I enjoyed the Adrenaline! The songs were quite good.

Our College bands were really good!!!! The best part was that they played the songs that I like most, making it more enjoyable for me.

One of friend, who got her name out of the group, performed a song, based on Indian Classical genre. Some imperfections was there in their song, though I am not trained in music, I could spot there was something which was not right. And when I want backstage for a moment, I could see that she was weeping! 😦 It was pretty impossible to console her. Then I thought it was good that she wept, let it all out. Just as I am trying to let mine out here in the electronic page. When I saw her wept, and then over that she won’t be getting any prize despite of the fact that she was in the winning team, turned me head into a stone! I want back to my seat, SAD! I was trying my best to enjoy, to live the moment. I couldn’t do it totally…

The lunch there was pretty good! 😀

Among all these, I found some new beautiful music,

And one from a while ago,

And among all these I can see some silver lining…! 😀

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