Psycho Circus!

We played a game when I was young, KISS The Nightmare Child. The game was pretty fun, we played it for long hours without breaks. The story of the game was featured around a circus, Psycho Circus. Now today suddenly I felt like playing it again!

It’s like this whole word of academics become a circus just like this. Strange creatures coming to slaughter me, and I am just an avatar, trying to pick up the weapons scattered throughout this world, and killing these creatures as they stand in my way, just to kill the Nightmare Child once and for all!

Untrained adventurers like me, who gets intimidated at the first sight of the challenge, should do what when such a time comes? What should they do when they face their very own Nightmare Child!

The making of a decision was never easy in human history! Now this is what happened, I wanted do a class assignment with some of my good friends, but another friend just came in requesting me to do it with me, and I felt bad for him? While I was making the decision I was very afraid to too, and also anxious. Then I ultimately decided to go with the Guy who asked me to be with him, and wasn’t letting me go with the others. Though my friends understood my situation, I am still not enough Man to get this over with! Maybe just because this Guy is kinda ‘Not my type’, maybe it is because I keep thinking that it would be nicer with them or whatever idiotic reason it may be, I am an untrained inexperienced adventurer, aren’t I?


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