A Jerk!

That is what she was talking about, how I behaved badly during the celebration. Now I was not able to realize that I was behaving like a JERK! Most of my life, I used up in learning wonderful stuff without realizing that some simple facts of life, and how it may affect others. And sometimes it is just the fear of the strange systems of society that never let me know all these things.

I always thought of it more simply, simpler things of life, that needed corrections and apologies. She told that I didn’t realize what really needed correction! I knew that, and she knew that I knew, but when I realized what a big jerk I was, I felt so bad and sick! I couldn’t help saying sorry multiple times, until she was fed up with that word from me. Now this thing that I did, I cannot ever rectify it. It was just what happened.

She cared about my ignorance about such stuff, and made me aware. She was clear last night, very clear about what I did and why I was a jerk. Just as I realized how she got the fact that I was a fool, and told me the right thing, taught my what to do, instead of leaving it behind, I wondered how wonderful friend she is! And I took my bicycle, rode it to a friends house, talked about possibilities of train service improvements, being calm and happy for having such a friend, who made me realize and forget what kind of Fool I am!

And how can I say thank you to her?

Text? Pretty Straighforward…

Build some cool useless gadget and give it to her? Have to get some ideas…

Give her flowers? That could work, but it the new age! Have to think something different…

Go to movies? No good movies playing in theaters…

Design a thank you card? Yup, again I need ideas…

Hmm… let’s go for texting first…! 😀


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