Light dose of misunderstanding!

I don’t know she will ever read this blog again! I don’t know how such things happens, I never mean to do such. How did Murphy made such a perfect law, “If something can go wrong, will go wrong!” I smoke twice of thrice month on average with a glass of “Lassi” most of the time with friends. And I told my friend that I did today. She didn’t like it at all. But how can I make her understand that the thing I wrote in the post was symbolic in meaning, and has nothing to do with reality relating to smoking.

These days the only solution that comes to my mind at first for these problems is ‘Time’. And unfortunately self healing systems are hard to come by these days. Then I thought of a solution which never guarantees any betterment. I let it out here in this blog, and let time do it’s thing.

P.S.- When I claim myself to be a fine optimist, I feel guilty of smoking. Let’s just quit it, drink only ‘Lassi’, become a hard core optimist ‘again’, get above the influence and concentrate on photography, shall we?! And hope she would understand. 😦 😐 🙂


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