When I am writing something on EOLER I am faced with a strange choice. I have to make a distinction between how much the the reader knows and how much he needs to know by reading the blog. I cannot write every possible problems that might come up and how can the reader improvise the steps that is given in the posts. Recently I wrote a post on beginning microcontroller programming. While writing that I felt that there were many places where the reader might question ‘what is this’, or’ mine is not exactly the same’. In this situations, the best I can do is write about those possibilities that might arise while doing something. But there are numerous possibilities that might arise; It is not possible for me write all those possibilities. Then the reader would get disappointed because the solution is not there.

I don’t think of the possibility that the reader might do some research on his or her question, thus leading to some solution. I am pretty convinced that the internet is a very good place for resources, lot better than books, because books are static. When I started that blog EOLER, I thought of writing everything, that one might need. Then I thought that internet is a very good place to hang out for resources, and Google does help a lot! So why not I just write what I did and what is available in the local market (My blog is focused on people who has access to my local market, as that was my aim, to make people near me do fun stuff with electronics). And the rest is already in a very good form on the web. My own knowledge is based on the internet, so let’s just share the links. That’s what I did, I wrote the links that might be useful below the post. I am just relating the great stuff available on the internet with the stuff that is available here in my place. I think the best thing I can do to promote Electronics as FUN, is with relating all the good stuff which helped me learn.

Sometimes when I am in laboratory, I face some strange question while I operate the stuff. I like explain, but sometimes my mates ask me something like questioning something that should be known in the first semester, in fourth semester. When that happens I feel really bad. I cannot yell at them, “What? You don’t even know this!” But I cannot explain them all that in the laboratory. A very good Guy few days ago asked me something very simple, but if I started to explain that, I wouldn’t be able to perform the experiment. So then I just told him go home and study those parts that he is supposed to know, and then come to me. He didn’t mind. I need to find a way to explain apparently strange stuff, which would make people go home, fire up the internet, open up books, study about the matter and come to me for more! That’s what a Teacher does…


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