Last night, I was pretty much excited while I was reading Frank Wilczek’s book The Lightness of Being, where he described about stuff like Virtual Particles and how they come into play, and how Gluons hold the Quarks together. The concepts introduced there was pretty cool. I couldn’t stop think about those when I went to sleep. Yesterday I hads a little siesta, thus I knew that I would not be able to sleep quick at night. In spite of knowing this, after reading Frank Wilczek after a while I went to sleep, as I had something called internal exams today (Something like internal affairs :D).

But then as usual, I was not able to sleep. I remained awake on my bed. Particle physics didn’t last very long, without mathematics science is bland! 😦 And thus my mind wandered elsewhere. My favorite pastime is to imagine things. Imagine extraordinary things happening in my life. Viz. Me going into the forest, and risking me neck to photograph a leopard. While thinking of these, I became aware of the fact that I might experience Ghosts while roaming in the Forest! Sometimes I like imagine me facing ghost is a light manner (Like “Hey! What’s Up DOC?”). And I am also intimidated by my own imagination, and every bit of slight external stimuli like clicks and ticks make me aware of the present, make my ears and eyes sharp for a a while. In one word, I get afraid of my own imaginations. And it acts with a positive feedback, I get more and more afraid. When I was young I was so afraid of my imaginations, I hated to close my eyes. Last night was something like that. I went a little afraid, I started to sweat a little bit more than normal (Wild things was running in my mind).

After a few moments, I got up from my bed. Went up to the wall, where hangs a Ghost Face mould my father brought a while ago. It looks real ugly. I looked, trying to imagine something more fearful thinking of the fact that more I face fears, the stronger I get (Anything that doesn’t kills you, makes you stronger). Then something else unusual caught my eye. It was the mirror, showing something strange. I walked toward the mirror to see what it was. It was lit by a slice of street light coming through the window. It came towards me also. I realized it was a Ghost, before realizing it was me only. I looked at my face, half lit from the slice of light.

Indeed, I was the Ghost, and didn’t need to be afraid of all the other Ghosts. I create and I dream, I am one the most deadly among all other Ghosts!


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