Notes on procrastination!

It’s been a few busy days, I have been in procrastination for 3 months, and then the effects I managed.

It was nothing more than the laboratory notebooks. We do all the stuff in laboratory, but never record what we did, because what we don’t do anything at all. That goes well with the definition of ‘procrastination’. Our laboratory work is boring (For the majority of people), because we are not allowed to get creative. (Our university don’t let us). And in such a short time in the laboratory, we just tinker with the oscilloscopes and function generators (In the analog circuits laboratory) to see behaviors of some stuff, without ever realizing what is happening.

Due to some special stuff I have done in the recent past, our instructors are pretty convinced that I won’t destroy laboratory equipment, so they let me to do almost whatever I want (Only in the analog circuits laboratory). So I got a little opportunity to get creative this semester. I mostly experimented with measurement possibilities of the instruments. And also with the classic 555 timer IC. With the oscilloscopes handy, it was lot of fun. Let me describe what I did on my own in laboratory, which I never did record on the final laboratory notebook. But these are what I really did as an engineering student…

  1. I found a way to find transfer characters of devices using a two channel XY plot in the oscilloscope.
  2. I watched timings for the 555 time in astable and bistable modes.
  3. Found some hysteresis in transistor amplifiers with XY plots in the oscilloscopes.
  4. Verified Schmidt triggering with the same XY plots in the oscilloscopes (With uA741).

These is what I really did through the whole semester. What I found while experimenting with 741, that it is not good for modern designs which require precision stuff, there are lot better substitutes available.

And now there is a list of stuff I did (like a machine) during the whole semester. (Only in the analog circuits laboratory).

  1. 741 OPAMP as Voltage Adder, Subtractor, Differentiator, Integrator, V-I I-V converter.
  2. Frequency response of a RC coupled transistor amplifier.
  3. 555 timer in monostable and astable mode.
  4. Diode Clipping and Clamping circuits.

I didn’t find anything new and interesting there, as these were all written in text books. And about these I wrote in laboratory notebook. There were another 3 laboratory confinement that I did have to put with. They could be fun, but they were not (Due to the simple reason, the faulty system of education!). I won’t be writing about the other three laboratories I worked in this semester. It is pretty clear, what I did ‘officially’ in the laboratory was boring enough! And that is why I did procrastinate, like everyone else. And then finished all these stuff in the last three days of the semester.

We had to write everything by hand, no CAD, typing – printing allowed, but would look a lot neater that way and would save a lot of time for a lot of people. Now these are the decisions people make while they try to teach us engineering. I leave the judgment of this decision to the reader. 🙂

Now while I left all the stuff for later, and kept on procrastinating, I appear to be more productive…

These stuff I did at home.

Now we can conclude that procrastination is actually good!

And this concludes the summary of procrastination of this semester. Thank you!

P.S. One suggestion to the my respected instructors; You should be teaching the use of LATEX for preparing the documents and laboratory notes, it is a very good open source free software for word processing. “I strongly hope that some Guy sees this, and take LATEX  into curriculum” 😀


One comment on “Notes on procrastination!

  1. Good post. I’m facing a few of these issues as well..

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