Notes on recent dimensions… of Life

Just don’t dwell on the thoughts of adding dimensions! By the term dimensions (of life), I meant some vectors of thought.

The desire of a more exciting life, is one of the most frequent I have in recent days. The college is off. Exams are near, syllabus is not even near complete. When I look at the books, I also look back and say to myself, “Heck, I could be a regular Guy!”. And I am pretty sure, after another six months or so, I will be in this position again, cursing myself for not studying in regular basis. Did I tell you I like to procrastinate? It actually helps. So again, love for procrastination and curse of procrastination compensates each other.

During late night insomnia sessions, I wish I could be in streets of Rio de Janeiro. And please don’t ask me why I chose Rio, maybe because of Christ, the Redeemer.

In my blog, I have been wasting time and space, writing useless stuff (Any comment on that?). And changing the style of blogging is something like trying to change to person who I am. Some people like to write stuff they work on, some people like to write stuff they read, some people like to magnify the subtleties of life. I like the last style most. There are a few blogs, which I follow. Both persons can write with a nice style, which I tried to imitate, but failed. I am not a kindergarten englisher. When I was about 9 years of age I couldn’t understand the meaning of ‘first time’, they had to say ‘prothom bar’. When I think, I think in Bengali (but deliberately try to imitate Hollywood). And when I try to write something in English, two things happen; Either I am lost in threads of thought (which I try to prevent, inspired by the movie Finding Forrester), or I think too much about  how to write what I am about to write, and lose track of what I am about to write.

Most of the thing I wrote all these days, months, years on this blog; are just rubbish. Believe me. If you are visiting this blog the first time, sift through some earlier posts, and you will understand. Full of paranoia, frustration, discussions on love and women etc etc.

And updating EOLER is …, requires lots of planning and preparation. I just don’t get how they can update tutorials on so many topics so regularly. In that time I could work on something exciting. Writing tutorials in kinda boring for me.

The worst part, I used Category feature of WordPress as tags. I should clean those up.

Oh, btw, the blogs, whose writing style I like (and prefer to imitate) are The Thirteenth Dimension and The Empty Vessel. Take a look.


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