Typing Speed

Pretty busy with completion of syllabus these days. This is quick post on typing speed.

When I first saw Finding Forrester movie, I typed a lot. I never measured my avg. typing speed. I rarely type a sentence without pressing backspace. My typing increased as I got experienced with the keyboard and spent 5 hrs approx everyday in front of a computer daily (I know, bad for health), since 2001.

Touch typers are efficient. Near Kolkata College street, there are some composer work with typewriters. Their speed amazes me. They type so fast, it sounds a like a storm. (Something like the scene at the communication office in the movie ‘Valkyrie’). It appears, from my observation, they use touch typing techniques.

When I program, I have a very non-uniform typing speed. When I write a piece, I am pretty fast. But when I think, I don’t type. I am not a coder who can talk in code.

When I blog, I type, and then go back, edit some word, and then again continue to type.

My fastest typing speed is when I type in usernames and passwords for logins.

P.S. This post is typed in 10 mins.


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