On Responsibility, on Fools

I have my exams tomorrow, regarding electromagnetic waves and antennas, but I couldn’t help writing this. It suddenly sparked, that I should write about responsibility and some fools around me.

Let’s talk about the Fools first with the help of analysis of sense of responsibility to their own environment.

Candies, in general come in many forms but most of them are wrapped in non-biodegradable polythene wrappers. It is a pretty common personal waste we produce, the wrappers, and it is very eco-unfriendly (Though recyclable).

I have some friends (Fools) with whom I go to college, I play bridge and I try to talk (which is pretty much useless most of the time) and we all love candies. But they don’t think about the wrappers. Throwing out the wrapper anywhere. And when I ask, “Ota okhane phelar ki dorkar chilo?” (“Was it necessary to throw it like that?”), they reply, “Tahole tor pocket e rakhi?” (“Then sould I put it in your pocket”), because I do that all the time when there are no waste bins around. Most of the waste bin plastic contents are never recycled, but we can prevent the bad stuff from spreading and affecting the environment, can’t we? I got the idea of using shirt or trouser pocket when my parents sent to forest with some great guys who loves adventure, when I was 9 years of age. Since then I have been doing something to reduce my waste footprint, mostly not spreading polythene contents here and there. But 20 (> 20) year old goofs cannot get that.

Let’s forget about all those biodegradability and  eco-unfriendly stuff. Let’s talk about cleanliness of the environment, which to some extent motivates human mind. We are not talking about artistic expressions using wrappers and polythene. Spreading those used pieces of polythene is basically a bad idea. But my favorite Fools don’t count keeping their city clean as a responsibility (Because they are Fools, as simple as that).

I try to tell the brickheads (or stoneheads) that they shouldn’t do that, I get replies like, “Why do you care when no one else is?”. Isn’t that the dumbest thing? My reply should always be “Someone has to start, why don’t you start, others will follow; If no one starts, none will learn”. But my patience never run that long. Last time I tripped and threw a plastic chocolate bar wrapper not to the waste bin because the Guy (Fool) told me that “Aah! My dear Tree Hugger!”. Sometimes after I trip of my patience, I feel I am losing my ground and becoming on of the Fools.

Incidents with candy wrappers (And those potato chip packets) is the most severe I noticed here in my locality, where I roam and ride. And noticed some subtle points about fools through these incidents. Those are,

  1. Thinking about greater good (The streets) is a bit far-fecthed for Fools.
  2. Thinking of what we are doing to this world? “Hmm! Why do you care, here have some Chops”
  3. Keeping their room clean is a everyday chore, but keeping the streets clean? “Naah!”
  4. Some basic responsibility as a human, as a social animal, as a citizen… “What responsibility?”

All I am asking is to be a part of this world and make it a better place by all means possible and to think of all the good things we can do.

Sometimes when I almost run out of patience while explaining, I feel like kicking a Bruce Lee style Dragon Kick to the face of a fool and break a flabby jaw. But I am sorry to blame them. The elementary education system is itself so under-educated, it’s almost impossible for them to understand what they are meant to be as a human being, as a part of the society. Once rightly said by a High school teacher of our class when I was a kid, “What are you studying? These are for Donkeys, not Boys!”. I wish to meet him sometimes.

For those who will be reading this, most of them are very responsible. They are very good men and women. I only ask them (if they are not already) to pinch the Fools around them, and make them human out of Fools. There is hope for all of us, we should just not give up. I have seen responsible people doing their best for this world. I have many friends in many places who realize they are a part of a bigger world. Not always the Fools are foolish all over, it’s just the basic sense that lacks. I am pretty sure, if you try you will find some Fools everywhere. I cannot imagine a Fool-less world, we can surely keep the number of Fools under control.

Let’s make this world a better place!

P.S.- A very good example of positive feedback of negative thinking. The education system under-educating people and the under-educated society cripple the education system, and it goes on and on.


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