The Fundamental Theorem of Programming…

Fundamental theorem of programming after the first line of code is written, the rest of it will eventually follow regardless of time taken or the programming language used…


  1. There is a purpose of the program (Most of the time there is, as every program is written on purpose).
  2. The keyboard is not faulty.
  3. The IDE is crash proof.
  4. The first line of code is not a comment.
  5. The programming language used is not in Alpha or Beta stage.
  6. The build and run environment has enough resources (much more than estimated).
  7. Libraries and APIs used is in very good state, usable.
  8. The programmer doesn’t have any pet.
  9. The programmer is persistent.

There is not sturdy proof yet, thus it can be called as a conjecture. But I like ‘Theorem’ better, so I used theorem. If anyone has a proof idea, do ping me. 😉


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