Regarding the carelessness I have been showing to this blog, I would like to say that I have been busy with,

  1. Interfacing LCDs with AVR.
  2. Playing games.
  3. Playing bridge with friends.
  4. Studying about control systems.
  5. Exploring new music.
  6. and many more…

Since my exams are over, I ought to have spent a very productive post-semester vacation. But I did not. I played, I slept (A lot), I ate. And all that killed the vacation. The only thing I could do that was a little worth telling about is…

HOLLYWOOD scriptwriters do a good job with the language, and I like that. And sometimes I use phrases from the movies. Then there is a Geeky Bro of mine, who kinda always get me to observe a few things I overlook. Thanks to him, I found a few things more to think about. He is the among them who keep this blog moving. 😉

Then this Principal of our college who joined recently is a very good man. He takes care of many things that have been overlooked all these days. Few days ago, I talked to him, and he asked if I had built a radio. I told him I worked with microcontrollers. Foolish me! I know all the circuits that I might need to build an AM reciever, but then I couldn’t built an AM receiver because I couldn’t get a few inductors right.

He actually told me to work harder and be more productive. That’s how an undergrad should be. But the mere thought of working hard doesn’t help me work harder. The influence of my thought of being like someone more productive, on my own lifestyle is not enough to push my own very personal habits of being lazy aside. After all he said “Why don’t you build inductance yourself? You know how to make them, you studied them in your freshmen years.”


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