Street Fighter IV

That’s the second latest game Street Fighter game from CAPCOM.

My first brush with Street Fighter was on a 8-bit TV game console. I liked the characters a lot. Particularly Ryu and Guile. To me the game was basically a way to vent out anything bad, anything violent. And the good part is the same amount of health to both the players. 😉 That makes playing it much more FUN!

It didn’t matter whether I won or I lost, it didn’t matter if I were able to perfectly do the combos or not, it was the sheer FUN that kept me playing.

Then after a few years I encountered a few new fighting games on PS3 and X360 at a friends’ place. They were great, but Street Fighter IV is just perfect. It has balanced characters, it has good and easy combos, and has great backgrounds. But few hours at a friends place is not enough to taste the game to the fullest.

Perfect time came when I got a 9500GT GPU. I won’t say the game running extreme great on this system, but the performance is playable. I play with keyboard and I wonder how many more days they have.


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