Analysis of taste

For a few years pop culture strangely biased to multiplexes and malls, as I have been noticing among my friends.

At first, it appeared to me that it is just a side-effect of heavy advertising and brandishing everything adored by young people.

Then I thought it was just the Air Conditioning was of most interest. 🙂

Then I gave it a thought. And came upon some results.

Primarily, people need to gossip. We all do. And then we need a place to gossip and roam around, have a few stuffs to eat. Like we do in the our whereabouts. I mostly eat chops and ride bicycles or go to a friend’s place and talk until ‘hell’ is inside out.

But sometimes people cannot get creative enough to talk, but they need to talk (Talking is a creative process no wonder). They need to have fun. One easy solution is multiplexes and malls; To glance at something and talk related stuff. I have noticed discussions ranging from products to services, rarely about the last cricket match. I see couples though, what do they talk about? 😉

And then, it’s not a question of taste. Taste is just normal among these people who prefer malls and multiplexes. It’s about spending time being creative, or spending time stating stuff. We all prefer to have fun together, and it’s a good way to have fun while feeling lazy. But creative people rarely rarely stops being creative while being lazy. Like a friend keeps talking about his work while we play games on his PS3 and XBOX 360. We have better times at his place, and I don’t miss KFC. It’s like the art of gossiping that changes to man-to-man.

I went to a multiplex today and had fun with friends. The best part I liked was eating at KFC, the taste of their food is nice! I could omit all the loafing around shops; Next time maybe I would.

I have noticed a specific behavioral trait among people during times in multiplexes and all other places. Multiplexes are clean, polished and brandished (Brands that bombard our minds at high frequencies). And there we tend to keep it clean by placing every piece of garbage at it’s right place, the dust bin. But when roaming around the town, we tend to toss it anywhere we like, even if there is a dust bin.  A German report on sociology stated this specific behavioral aspect in human beings.


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