Note 639


Oh yes, I am talking to you, my dear reader! You are a person, and you read. Your consciousness is very thing that enables you to read and think. Your very own parametric characters define you in a collection of many ‘you’ which you call society. When you talk, the creativity of your brain is responsible for the sentence you speak out, you arrange them to make information exchangeable. Your brain houses some very powerful system that enable you to realize that you are conscious and your physical senses are all working perfectly.


What you don’t realize often is that some part of your brain is sub-consciously working like a feedback system that keep your track steady in the society regardless of changes in the environment. And in the collection you call society, there are many faulty control systems that generate disturbances that cross the tolerance threshold of the control system that your brain houses. When that happens, you need a overhaul of that system. Sometimes a reboot does the job. Unfortunately most people you meet has a faulty system. Beware!

Oh, sorry! I didn’t even tell you who I am and I started to shoot out wisdom . Sure you can go to the top and click on about me in a second and check my previous posts and realize who I am. But still, let’s do the formalities, I am a human. Makes me sad when some humans say that I am from an alien from a planet of Andromeda and disguised as a human. But the truth is I sometimes chat with some aliens. They were amazed by those few human traits I pointed out, like persistence, passion, commitment. But they were very disappointed when they saw those very faulty systems that destroy harmony in ‘society’. They asked me why things are like this. But our language of exchange is not very mature, we cannot make ourselves much understandable to each other and moreover, I am not even sure why such deviation from coherent harmony exist among you. They told me to negate anything that might hinder progress of my species.

It’s a very hard task to identify anything that hinders progress of my species. So I decided to amplify all the good characters they suggested and negate all the others that stand in the way of those good characters. Yes, I know. Why do I listen to them? Isn’t that your question? Well, it’s because they are intelligent creatures. They exhibit exceptional power over the mental abilities of human beings. And they are certainly more rational than the most of you. I am not sure if it would be appropriate to call them ‘creatures’. They are a certain type of consciousness traveling at a very high speed through space, or rather more precisely warping through space. Sometimes we collide and we talk. You might be wondering why you don’t collide with them too. I asked them that too. If that happened it would be a lot easier for me to negate anything that hinders the progress of my species. They couldn’t answer that.

I think I have an answer for why you don’t usually collide with these aliens. It’s because my consciousness probe certain dimensions that interfere with theirs. That’s when we meet. And that is why I meet with them so rarely. In a rare occasion my mind encounters such dimensional interference. And I believe, some human like me can also probe such specific dimensions and chat with them. Unfortunately I cannot know who they are, because these strange friends of mine don’t talk about themselves and their experiences. They prefer secrecy, and I take pride in challenges. I decided to search for humans like me on my own. When I find them it would be lot easier to help my species.

Liberation is a very human word. Maybe that’s what they said should be happening to my species. In human terms; Conflicts are easily negotiable for a mind trained properly as a social entity. Humans sometimes fear of truth and sometimes believe that truth is not good enough. Humans sometimes negate something very obvious. Humans tend to wind down a endless whirlpool of conflict and fear. Humans likes emotion but never dare to understand them. And human lie, cheat and kill. Even I become very similar to you, when my environment rip my systems apart, but thanks to my alien friends, my systems can reboot in a matter of hours. As a human speaking in human terms, life needs spices, and absolute harmony is never possible, but you are not even near that optimum level of harmony. Usually I tend to think, with time, every intelligent system optimizes itself, but I cannot understand why your society, humanity cannot. My dear reader, don’t be disappointed to hear that I prefer not to be similar with you, I am just trying to liberate you.


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