Not appropriate

How can you develop a personality that is not your own? They say the biggest problem is communication. They say ‘it’s not that you are not eligible’, but you cannot express that, (For a certain job). Who needs a job that will transform him or her? I rarely find people who really love their job. It’s like making everything homogeneous, just like beauty.

There was a New Scientist news; Beauty is becoming increasingly homogeneous. There they put up a picture so appropriate you could get the meaning in a blink. It’s the definition of beauty that just gone so uniform all over you only need a fairness cream.

They keep saying, you need to do this, and you need to do that and so on and on to impress your employer. They emphasize on self assessment. They say you need to be smart on your own subjective field. How do a person go smart? How can you wear a personality that is not yours? Even if you make one, which was not inherently yours, how can you keep up with your life with that? And if every person wear such personality, won’t they make the society even more homogeneous? What human resource people are doing? Why do people transform themselves for a job that needs the employee to be in accord with a long list of criterion.

No one ever mention passion or fun when they are talking about jobs. Well, fortunately our new college principal said something; “Engineering should be FUN”, and I am happy I got a Guy like him. Maybe I will keep myself busy pinging him with my fun stuff that I have been doing since my freshman years.

I personally don’t want to go to the corporate houses unless they put me in the R&D. Unfortunately, I cannot go back and prepare myself as a professional physicist, which I always wanted to be. My best options are to remain in the engineering academics. That’s the best place I think there is right now. And as PhD comics character Dee thinks, grad school is the best way to put off deciding what to do with your life. 😉

All these makes me recall the movie 21 where Ben Campbell applies for the Robinson Scholarship and the interviewer said that Ben needed to dazzle him to get the scholarship.

My dear readers, I know you will all do stuff you love in your life. I urge you to encourage the unfortunate to decide like you.


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