Inception and traffic control systems

Chris Nolan did a great job, INCEPTION. A movie that is truly wonderful. The movie is very neat and very specific, but has a lot to understand. Every moment need constant attention. And the best part after the movie was the stuff of thought I got.

On my return from the movie theatre, I faced (huge) traffic jams. And then I though about what keeps us from designing a control system to maintain the fluidity of the traffic system. And the reason I found is the quantum nature of the traffic. You cannot really approximate the traffic flow like classical fluids. And this very quantized nature of the flow needs a very different control model based on statistical computations. Currently the control system basically consist of a few traffic control personnel with walkie talkies.

And then the other thing that came to me, was the question, “Haven’t no one though about this before? It’s a very common problem.” And then I realized that traffic systems can lead to chaos very easily, due to quantum nature of it. Maintaining a perfect point of fluidity is next to impossible. We would need extremely precise sensors and powerful computers to do the jobs. And incorporating all that on field is pretty difficult too. We will need another few years to get close.


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