Sheer delight of big guns, UP

UP was great.

And then came a few big guns in my life. Unreal Tournament 3. I wonder how UT guys make such a perfect mix of all elements to make such an addictive cocktail. UT provides raw action, all the time. Best in it’s genre I believe.

I have been playing UT since I got the first version. I have been playing since then. Only once I tried to beat Xan, in the first Unreal Tournament campaigns mode. But after UT2004 came out, I never left that ‘Instant Action’ button from UT2004. Even the demo was so much fun, I played for hours. The very distinct character of UT games is actually a combination of game elements that make it so much FUN!

The maps, the variety of (big and bad) weapons, the taunts and the game characters. Othello is my favourite (I changed in UT3 though, :D). The maps are so perfect you don’t need a hell lot of study of the map before entering the fray (Unlike Counter Strike). The thing I hate most about Counter Strike, is the arrival of complexity while attempting to play efficiently. Games should be simple. And there is where UT excels. You fire up the game, and click instant action, choose which game mode you want to play (I love deathmatch) and you are game! But that doesn’t mean UT doesn’t have other fun game modes. Onslaught, Assualt and Warfare in UT3 are really FUN to play, though a little complex. Then comes the good old CTF. There is so much FUN for everyone.


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