Imperfections and distortions…

She said I could write about her. But she didn’t really say that ‘write about me’. But then I made her think that she said to me ‘write about me’. That was a misunderstanding. Good for me, she made me realise that something was wrong in the communication. Blaming word-skills or sentiments somehow appears very easy. But my nature made meĀ  look into the reason.

It happens due to some unspecified assumption about others involved in a relationship. We take those assumptions are starting point of any relationship. And those assumptions lead to misunderstanding, but it helps us to carve a relationship out of nothing. It’s like ‘anything that doesn’t kill you, will make you stronger’. If a misunderstanding doesn’t kill a relationship, it will certainly make it stronger. It’s a necessary imperfection. This is one way to put it, I am sure people can come up with better theories. I do have a general representation of society that can express things like this in a more mathematical manner, but I have not perfected the mathematics yet. My poor training in mathematics prevent me to write it down from brain to paper.

Imperfection and distortion are very essential in Life. It’s like Yin and Yang, inseparable and interdependent. It’s the balance of negative and positive that make universe complete and harmonic.


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