The Sheer Complexity

Technology has out grown our intellectual abilities. Even something as common as a cellphone uses technology that needs a lot of understanding and engineering knowledge. And something as ‘big’ as a computer, analysing the whole of it is a nightmare any engineer (and the nightmare will never end). We use pieces of code written by other people, we use technology that are designed and developed by people we don’t know about, and all this we take for granted.

And we might use it in some way, that suddenly it triggers something big, something terrible. It is not pretty likely yet, but the speed at which the complexity is increasing it may not be least like as it is.

There are systems simple enough and safe enough that triggering something terrible is very unlikely. Like the power distribution grid. You cannot really overload the whole grid (Like happened in the US few decades back); You might bring down a part of it if you try hard.

But software based systems are very dangerous. They can be real complex, and might be really dirty.

That is why, engineers, mostly software engineers and embedded systems designers need to follow some regulations and standard. And then standards kill freedom and progress, which is also very undesired.

If there is a problem, we need other dedicated maintenance technology to solve those problems, as we cannot handle that with man power. Just imagine how complex technology have become! And as networks begin to integrate and converge, one single speck of problem might bring the whole system down.

When all communication systems go vulnerable, the only long distance communication system that will be operating flawlessly would be radios. Short wave radios.


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