The nascent stage…

Sometimes she misses me so much, she gets upset. And she gets so upset, she stop all means of communications. And when I attempt to contact her, she denies.

Fundamentally it is immensely painful when she stops talking with me. When I am not sure whether she is not really able to communicate due some problems, or she is really upset, I only feel a pang. But when it takes long, and I am sure she is not talking, I find myself losing intellectual equilibrium. Not to mention my blood pressure increases, I can even feel my heartbeat in my ears. During that part, all that is left is a storm of uncategorised unmanaged emotions, imbued with memories, and I try in vain to find what went wrong.

That makes me really happy. It is great that she never keeps the trouble inside, just lets it out. And when I find that she missed me a lot, my heart gets wrenched hard. When everything cools down, and we are like friends again; Makes me the happiest person, when I realize she misses me as I miss her.

This is just a nascent stage of our painting. Colours may not run as it should in final painting. More we paint, more perfect it will be.


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