I know you don’t have to text me. Such communication systems is not very natural, thus you can try avoid it, but it can affect a lot of social process pretty effectively. To me communication systems is always subject to social integration. How do you deny this so easily?

You also don’t have to miss me. Why would you miss me? ‘Missing’ is definitely a ill-defined and indefinite concept. Can you define this ‘missing’ thingy? No. You cannot. It is totally something inverse of proximity. That’s all. You can increase proximity by using these very reliable communication infrastructure, only virtually. Even then, why would you do that? You have no reason to increase proximity. Because you don’t miss me. And you won’t ever read this gibberish perpetually refuelling analysis that I made just now.

I carry this GSM device. Yup, I know, additional weight to carry. This is just a habit I made, when your texts were frequent. I just forgot to make a logging system, to log your text frequency. With that I would be able to tune myself with your tendencies to change proximity. Thus I would miss ‘less’ you. That would make some fine improvements in my life. Void is never good. Wouldn’t it be great, if I had tuned myself with you? And logging texting frequencies, would help me do that.

Among many parallel universe, I hope in some universe you do miss me and text me all the time. In some universe, you may be reading my blog and thinking about texting me. In some, you are not even bothered about me. And in some, any such question doesn’t exist. And if I write, “I belong to one such a universe where such question doesn’t exist”, I cannot be sure if I am writing a virtually correct statement, because I don’t know, if universes interfere with each other. But I am pretty sure in whatever universe you read this, you will laugh at my GEEKdom as you keep yourself from assimilating what I am trying to explain.

I know, you don’t take my GEEKdom seriously. You don’t like to think anything I say about anything serious. It took me many years to realize that I am a GEEK, but it will take many more years for you to realize that what GEEKs say are important. This is the very reason why there s still wars going on and why I do miss you but you don’t miss me.


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