A new laptop

VPCEA33EN, that’s the model number of this laptop that I got less than 24 hours ago. It’s a blue VAIO from Sony E Series laptops. Works nicely. Fashions Core i3 processor with 3Gigs of RAM and 320GB HDD. The good thing about this laptop, that first thing I noticed is this keyboard. Though my hands are feeling a little out of place, it will take little time to make it home. Well, the purpose of this post is test the keyboard actually.

This touchpad, like all other laptops is placed somewhere, where you can easily touch while typing, if you are attempting to type with keyboard (IF YOU ARE A DESKTOP USER). But this touchpad is also cool with comfort. It’s placed near your finger, so that you can easily navigate your mouse, without getting your hand to that far location, where your external USB mouse is located. Though you won’t get this CLICK! feeling with touchpad, that’s a little dissapointing thought, but while on bed, writing some piece of ideas or codes, you will like the touchpad. 🙂

Currently, I am trying to use the touchpad. Practicing, you see. And that counts.

I will be using it for stuff like EDA, Mathematical simulations etc etc. For that I might need a CPU better than i3. But it will work for now.


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