Blogging from the Veranda

The house I live in, have a certain feature. It’s has a short corridor (or rather a room where length and breadth are disproportionate and connected to many other rooms), with really really big windows. It’s very airy and pretty cool. And in the end, there is a certain black tint in window glasses. In this part, we dine. Now, I am blogging from there. The wireless modem in my home is actually giving me a pretty good range. The signal is coming from a room at the other end of the corridor.

This is a delight. A new laptop, equipped with wireless card, is very able and giving me internet speed pretty well. I have always blogged from the room, where the desktop is situated, using the desktop. Now, I am blogging and mosquitoes killing me feet. But I like it here, being able to be connected to the internet.

I won’t say anything about the spiritual and psychological coolness of wireless technologies. I just realized something that might just help you.

If you are hindered in terms of inspiration, whatever you are doing (from designing logos, to working on novels, to writing blogs), you can try switching to a laptop and you will definitely feel some difference. The reason is pretty easy. You will not fix your laptop to your table and work like a desktop guy, but you will move around, and that will make the difference. Changing workspace (and wallpapers) will definitely inspire you. And as I have been working on desktop for about 7 years, this sudden gust of freedom in choosing workspace, my ideas liberate easily. Like something lubricating my brain.


One comment on “Blogging from the Veranda

  1. kushal says:

    yaa man i cn understand….
    the way an environment can influence a persons thinking power is amazing…
    cngrats fr ur lapi…
    have fun…:-)

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