I was bored, now I wish

Since a few days, I started to get bored of chatting. Chatting all the time, all the time I was in front of my computer, I used to chat. I used to talk about anything I could talk about, but none I was interested in. I had to be in accord with my friend’s interests and all, which involved nothing by dry hard humor. It was a total waste of words! Since then, I have been reducing my expression and words.

The time I be online daily, was reduced to naught. Even yesterday, I didn’t have the mood to come online. Even I had to write a review on torchlight. But then I thought, “Some other day”.

After the change in workspace and all, I am actually having blogophilia, or rather, Onlinophilia. I want to be online, wireless and I am actually writing blog, third time today! This has definitely to do with this new laptop that I got. Now I just want to type and talk.

This is actually a therapy, to reduce my onlinophilia. Being online in chat services, is not really what I prefer these days. Thus is fondness of being online, hopelessly can only be stopped if I start to blog. Thus I started blogging. I might be over populating this particular day in my blog. But still, it is helping my reduce this olinophilia of mine.


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