I never thought a laptop can trigger nostalgia so hard!

When I was a kid, I used to play around at noon, as my mother took her siesta. I had developed a method to slip away from my mothers’ grasp, and go to the sun laden veranda. I used to play with broken machines all noon. I used to glue things, make things, and imagine things. I used to type a lot, on a piece of plywood after I first saw a computer guy typing in front of a TV thing. It was a lot of fun for me. I didn’t even know what a computer does or anything like that. I just used to type. One day, my Father brought a magazine with a CD. And I used the CD like a real CD, in my plywood computer.

I remember those yellow sunrays coming through the windows in the later afternoon, when I used to sit on the cool floor, and played. But I never remained in the bedroom. It was boring for me.

I continued to grow up, and in one lucky day, the house that houses me started to house a nice big PC. It was big, it was beautiful and it was colourful. I just loved that PC. But when the PC was moved to a particular bedroom, where I used to sleep with mother, it never did occur to me that is was actually the room I used to get bored of.

For 7 years, I spent my most great and precious noon there, in that room! I liked it there with my PC.

It’s only this day; I came outside, to play, to play with my machines, my playthings. And I recollected how I used to play with my stuff outside that room all noon! I may never get back to that room for playing all noon. I forgot how FUN it was, to play in the sliced beams of yellow sunlight coming through the large windows… 🙂


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