I was confused. I really was. I didn’t even know why I was so sad, but I was sad. I could barely hold myself. It was like nearing the breaking point. It was a heavy sensation. And the worst thing, I was in college library.

My friend noticed it and asked my to spell it out. It was hard, but I did it once. At that time, it was about the problems my Grandma and Grandpa is facing. But she could point it out that this was not the problem, or this was not the only problem. Another friend wanted to go the toilet. 😉

We went, and he asked me again. I told about my GEEKINESS and how that can be lonely. He asked again, was that the only reason? Then he figured it out that it might be about her. Well, he made to the spot.

Then after talking for a few minutes, I realized there was no problem at all. As I shared it with my friend, everything went clear and light. And I realized, I was troubled for nothing. Made me realize how important it is to share.


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