Musings of a perpetually confused soul

If I could I would like to walk up to the stall where I can sell my heart. It’s causing too much pain. Being heartless, might just improve the situation.

I will go to Africa, climb up a tree, and take a Canon EOS Rebel 5D Mark II with a telephoto lens, and will be taking photos of the wild.

If I could take back time, and change places, I would go to the west, have a gun, and search for gold.

I wish I could reprogram my brain in such a way that I could omit all the emotions, completely. Would turn me into a machine though, but it will help. If that is comparable to suicide, then I can always cut the heart out and give it back to the creator, and I would say, “‘Give it to someone luckier. just don’t recycle it!”.

“It’s only Love”, Beatles, right? I will tell them my story. I am sure they will leave music, and start selling computers.

I am made not to break the rules, but I am made to bend to go with the rules.

Poetry does stimulate my brain to some extent, that’s why I like them a little. I think poems will catch fire if I start to read them now.

If Galactus comes to eat planet Earth, I will talk to the surfer and tell him to have my brain, and destroy my heart, because no one needs it here. It’s just Galactus cannot eat this heart. He will spare earth, I will find more delicious planets for him to eat.

If the devil comes up, I will give a him a middle finger. If I have a GUN, I might just try to KILL him. I hope they won’t put me in jail for that. Even I am not that intimate with demons, I will imitate John Constantine but I won’t let him kill anyone!

If a shooting star blasts into vision I would wish to ride that shooting star. I would definitely leave Earth.

If someone asks me to design the Matrix, I would spend my whole life doing that, rather than coming back to reality.

No body trained me to be strong, they only said, “Men are made, not born”.

If NASA proposes a one way trip to Mars, I would participate. I can provide great amount of information from Mars, before I die there due to lack of sustained life support systems.

If BATMAN asked me to walk his footsteps, I would. It’s better to have justice for others than pain for self.

Wise men say Love is the only thing that makes this world bearable. Is it so? It’s thoroughly unbearable, with temporary flux of happiness.

If GOD asked me to make me a wish, I would ask him to get rest, and give me his job, and I will never leave a person in my state.


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