Restabilizing and synchronising

I am re stabilizing my life. It was almost broken up. This heart break of mine was taking it’s toll. But then, with the help of a few friends, I have re stabilized this life and brought it to some equilibrium.

I will be Loving her. I will definitely be Loving her a lot, I won’t give up on her. She said, she went through this phase, but it’s not right to put my through this phase too. Is it right?

But I don’t believe in broken heart anymore. You can always Love again. Sometimes we hesitate to do so, as we fear of breaking again. But we can always hope for the best.

Hope was my best weapon, while countering my heartbreak. I believe that she loves me, it’s just that she is confused. I just keep hoping that she will be able to Love me, one day. I believe this. This belief of mine is actually helping me stabilizing my life. Otherwise, I will be virtually dead from inside, I cannot rip off my Love for her.

One thing that I used, was synchronous dreams. That is also helpful. It’s a way to keep thinking about stuff, that are subtle. Like a compass, or a mathematical formula. You cannot really see a mathematical formula or a compass working, but you clearly feel that it’s working. This can make you think that you are in a dream. You can also try to sense some textures, if this pleases you. You might want to think if this texture is real or not. When I felt very lonely and alone, I did this. This kept me from thinking about her all the time. Pretty effective, try it.




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