Just to eat?

I have been working my brains out for about 17 years, and still I am not eligible to hunt? Is it really that complex, our society became? If that’s true, then society our-performed evolution many folds that we cannot even dare to count the folds.

To live, we need those basic fundamental resources, like food, clothes, shelter etc. In order to get those, we have to train our brains and our body for about 16 years (average). But we are not fighting against nature to live, we are fighting against out own species to live. It’s an intra-species competition that is making us to train for so long years to get ready to hunt.

I have been thinking, how society became the way it is. The basic qualities that we attained through evolution is somewhat only used during very special events of recreation or sports. I am not implying that we should start getting uncivilized and wild. What intrigues me is this evolution of society itself; How it is related to the evolution of human race, and how it will affect in the future.

Society (rather civilization) is out-running evolution is such a large scale that many people will die of diabetes related deaths. It goes like this; Human being is made to store food, as there were famine when human came into this world (evolved into this world, and unleashed their exceptional brain to dominate everything imaginable, even themselves). Then when civilization gave us abundant food, by farming, and eliminating the chances of famine, our bodies are storing excess food making us prone to obesity.

Now this is when the qualities of civilization that is turning against our own evolutionary qualities. If evolution is really this slow, we are going to get some real damage with time, if current trends continue. Think about it folks, how your very intrinsic qualities go against you when you are being social.

I don’t have much time to write about the other negative effects on our very own quality is affected by social structures. I will definitely write about then when the come across me mind next time.


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