The reason…

This is the letter I wrote to her, to actually help her forget what happened by showing her the big picture. From some friends’ suggestions and consultancy, and few of my own research I figured out what really happened. I am not 100% sure, but my theory is probable to be correct for about 3 out 4 times if such cases arise.

I will not be explaining what really happened, but I will be posting the letter (edited) that I wrote to her. I hope she understands what I am trying to tell her.


He did never loved you. And you may be asking why that is so? Let me tell you something from my side.

I felt you loved me, not because you did something that you shouldn’t have done. Because it was your mind, that wanted a support, like him. And your mind picked me, You did it unconsciously. Your mind felt my presence and started relating it to him. And thus we went closer. I did loved you from the beginning, so it was easy for me to fall for you. But you underestimated that. You never expected that I would go this serious, and when you realized something was really wrong, you broke up. Now I am not blaming you for using me as a support, but I am telling you that you did it unwillingly. And there is no problem in doing that. In truth, what you really wanted is a friend.

And that was exactly what he did with you. He wanted a support as he broke up with her ex, and he got you and that was it. And when his need of support got kinda over, he left you. He also did fell in Love with you unwillingly and for the need of the support. He just felt that he loved you, but never really thought deep about his Love for you. But you did fall for him, as I did fall for you.


So you see, it was nothing really, as I assumed it to be. It was Fun though, to go through all these and finding something that is really interesting. And ultimately, I thank my friends and logic, intuition and science for being in my side, that I actually could understand the situation.


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