I found out that Hannah Donovan was invinted to /dev/fort. Before I say what really is /dev/fort, I would like to say who is Hannah Donovan. She is a designer, I came accross her blog post where she wrote about /dev/fort from a Smashing Magazine tweet. Now when I really realized how unique was the idea, I was thinking maybe it’s really a great way to spent a week and work one something.

Hannah Donovan is the creative director at last.fm. Before working there, she designed various websites. She was invited to /dev/fort as a member of 5th Cohort. They made the spacelog website.

Now let’s come to /dev/fort. It’s a week spent in a fortified structure. 12 Geeks, one project, no internet. Of course, one can always hike a mile to get access to the internet if they wanted to, but not in the fort. Like Donovan wrote that they had to make a list of what they needed to bring at regular. She wrote, “The project wouldn’t have been possible without a few trips to the web. We had two lists on the wall: groceries and supplies; internets”

This is kinda fun. The isolation can drive your creative abilities better. No twitter, no facebook, no orkut, no GTalk, no internet access at all. This means no distraction. And that can help you create better. But you may need to know what you may need, and keep those in your hard drive when you move on the fort (Not neccessarily a fort, but a place isolated). Sometimes you really need it and that way, and you can hike a few miles, get a internet access and download whatever you neeed.

Since I learned about this last night, I have been thinking of conducting one. Maybe a trip to the Duars, where there is electricity (we still need to run our laptops). But I need GEEKs for this, and a project. 😦

Even I can pratice internet trips. Like whenever I am near the wireless connection vicinity, I download whatever I need and come back to a place where there is no internet and work.


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