Lecture by Roger Penrose and more insights…

Today, at Bose Institute, Kolkata, Roger Penrose gave a sweeping lecture, from microwaves to conscious life in Honor of J. C. Bose. I attended it.

He started with the very beginning of the universe, and started talking about something which is basically superconductivity in micro tubules, which is technically described as ballistic transport. He said that consciousness has something to do with this property described by the micro tubules.

This lecture was a mix up. Where he talked about multiple topics from various discipline, but with his very unique ability, he interlaced them and that made some sense. Conscious life is something special. Something that might be related to large scale quantum effects. And computers cannot be conscious (That’s what I really believe unless there is a massive shift in the computer architecture)

Thanks to his lecture, I got a lot stuff to think on.

He has a nice sense of humor. He apologized for using a overhead projector, he said he didn’t really master the new technology of power point and all. One of the projector burned out. And the other one he used, was smoking. Bose Institute should really look forward to change these classical equivalent. Let me give them an idea, use a live camera, feed it to a LCD projector, and that will do the job just fine. With a little tweaking and testing it can do better that the overhead projectors. Whatever, let them read my blog first and get the idea, then they will implement it. 😉

After the lecture while talking with a old friend of mine, I found out why we are so bothered about information and how I can learn more about tensors and general theory of relativity. My friend have a great way to spend time, he plays with equations all the time. I wished to talk with Sir. Roger Penrose during the tea time, but I thought I am too naive for that. 😛

While in train on my way home, I missed the girl I fell hard in Love with and was  kind of rejected (I said ‘kind of’ because I am not sure if I am really rejected). But then I felt, my emotions, or my consciousness is something that is governed by large scale quantum effects. If that is true, none of my emotion can have effect on the other person involved, if I assume there is no quantum entanglement between minds. I am pretty sure they aren’t entangled, if they were, evolution might have used that as a primary medium of communication between mammals. If my assumptions are correct and we have no entanglement between minds, then it’s pretty darn useless to miss her all the time. I can talk with her instead of trying to entangle the minds.


2 comments on “Lecture by Roger Penrose and more insights…

  1. prasenjit biswas says:

    entaanglement between minds is an evolutionary mischief. Communication between mammals is a question of developing a sense of the world by using language. Language is an evolved process of entanglement..

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