Typing on Oliver Sacks’ new book and others…

The desktop got a new pretty good keyboard. It’s a TVS Gold from TVS electronics. It’s pretty cool because the keys are really special, the clicky feel of the keys are nice to hear while typing. It’s a stripped down version of daskeyboard I think. I think they are the best, this one can be placed as a contender. The separate buttons for all the keys is a very good design consideration, as it definitely increase the ergonomics of the keys, while making the whole setup more durable. Membrane based keyboards are darn cheap, but they wear and feel like wet sponge after a few year. I am preferring this keyboard over the VAIO chiclet keyboard because it has a nice clicky sound to it. The sound feels good. It doesn’t have a palm rest, which is not that bad. It is neat. Whatever I didn’t open up this blog post to type about this keyboard. This post is about Oliver Sacks’ new book, The Mind’s Eye and others few stuff I noted in a few days.

The book portrays a few cases where there are very strange neural impairment and they individual attempts to get by them. It’s a treat to read, but sometimes, while reading when I think of a life with such impairments, I rarely find solutions to get by it and continue to do what I do.

Dr. Sack has a very lucid style of writing.

I am in no position to write a review, nor I am interested in writing another one. There are many places where you can find a nice dependable review of the book. This book is pretty common too. As few days ago, I went to a mall and I saw this book. Makes me wonder, if people are getting inclined to reading such non-fiction. Like Dr. Sasks’ other book Musicolphilia, this is book also has a very magnetic first page. I love such non-fiction with such a beginning.

Few days ago my brother asked, “Do you regret anything?” I thought “Do I?” I said no, because I couldn’t think of anything that I really regret. But then, I was not sure if I do regret. It came to me, that it’s not about regret. It’s about having an impossible belief system. It’s the urge of “not” to regret about anything. Because when you do, you get stuck. Rather it’s better that you hold on to a belief that states, “Everything will be fine” And that is generally impossible unless you make your life plastic enough and in most cases, our mind (and our life) is incredibly plastic.

What I discovered is that having fun is most important, whatever you do.

Let’s give an example where I should regret but I don’t is; Taking engineering and leaving core physics study. Well, that did made me devoid of the elegant theories I craved for, but I did get a lot of elegant ideas in engineering. It’s not that I miss physics, I do a lot. But it’s no less FUN in Engineering. What I discovered is that having fun is most important, regardless of what you do.

Recently, I am out of work. It’s bloody difficult to fill up the hours. I am trying, this is a short list…

  • Made a PL-2303 based USB – Serial work.
  • Tried to upload the Arduino bootloader and use the chip on a breadboard, and I failed to upload the sketch to the board with the bootloader. Maybe I should just stick to the basic custom programmer tweaked uploading method for now.
  • Tried to use the newly working USB-Serial converter and tried to make it work for a ARM Based development board programming. It failed.
  • Got interested in Arduino because provides a very rapid and pretty effective way of data acquisition that I need to do for my upcoming projects. They will need a lot of DSP.
  • Focusing more on theoretical side of DSPing, will be doing some inplementati0n after the dsPIC and ARM platform get ready.
  • Tried to use the MSP430G value line series micros to do something useful but failed.
  • Got interested in Blogging daily concept but I am sure I will be unable to do so.
  • Got interested in power electronics.

Not let’s speak about what I am excited about,

  • Getting a DSP Nano v2, will be a lot of help for my projects.
  • Getting a PICkit 2 for programming and debugging dsPIC. \m/
  • Getting a JTAG ARM debugger to program and debug the LPC2148 based development board, which I hope to use as a DSP platform.
  • Getting Roger Penrose’s new book Cycles of Time.
  • Got new books for the new semester (which I just might study this time). 😛
  • Will be working on project based on DSP algorithms.

BTW, if you are wondering what is DSP, it’s Digital Signal Processing. Really interesting stuff!


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